Acquisition Process

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Non-binding initial consultation

We get to know each other. You introduce your company to us in a short phone call and we answer your questions.

You send us your information

After the initial contact, you will receive a checklist with instructions on the data we need from you to initiate the process. We guarantee that your data will be treated confidentially at all times.

Typically, we first request the standard data of each company, such as company name, managing director, but also information on registered trademarks as well as business management analyses or annual financial statements.

Day 1-5

We review your documents

Our team with many years of e-commerce experience will first get an overview of your company and will contact you if there are any questions.

We give you an initial assessment

Within a few days, after reviewing the documents, you will receive a reply as to whether a purchase of your FBA business is an option for us.

Tag 6-11

Detaillierte Prüfung (Due Diligence)

Jetzt geht es ins Detail. Wir schauen nun tiefer in das Zahlenwerk und klären mit dir gemeinsam offene Punkte. Hierzu gehört auch eine detaillierte Betrachtung deiner Produkte und der Marke sowie deiner bisherigen Strategie.

Bei diesem Schritt stehen wir in engem Austausch mit dir. Prinzipiell gilt: Je detaillierter und ordentlicher du deine Zahlen und Dokumente bereits vorbereitet hast, desto schneller geht es voran.


Wir nutzen unser gebündeltes E-Commerce Wissen aus den verschiedensten Bereichen, um gemeinsam mit dir einen für beide Seiten fairen Preis für dein Unternehmen zu ermitteln.

Day 12-24

Contract Documents

In this step, we work with you to prepare the contractual documents to conclude the sale.

We also clarify further details such as the acquisition of trademark rights and plan the operational handover of the defined objects of purchase.

Day 25-30

Congratulations! You have made it.

After signing the contract documents, the payment process will be initiated and you will receive the money into your account within a few days.

We give your FBA business a new home.